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Robert Uberman
Expert in natural resources strategy, finance and R&D.

Mineral Assets Valuation (Wycena złóż kopalin): all mineral assets and any claims against them may carry a substantial value. Professional assessment of it requires a complex education & experience. There are very a few specialists globally capable of performing such studies. For more information see -> Mineral Assets Valuation

Technology Transfer, Management & Valuation: technology is often a key driver of entrepreneurship and value creation, It holds true for mature businesses which may serve as a founding ground for breakthrough innovations comparable to the most famous one of Apple, Facebook. Think about shale gas, photovoltanic energy. There are a few specialists registered as Technology Transfer Professionals. For more information see -> Technology Transfer

Strategy: almost everybody in consulting claims to know a lot about strategy. Think how many of them have really gone through the whole process. How long has it to last: 3 years, 4??, 5???. There’re numerous consultants claiming having a record of development and implementation of tens strategies at age 35. I have gone and managed the whole cycle twice in my life. For more information see -> Strategy